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Hi Carlo! I’m writing an article with a topic “Lessons from Toastmasters: Beyond Public Speaking”. In case you had some time, do you think you could drop me a few lines on what you learned in Toastmasters besides presentation skills?


Toastmasters has meant to me Leadership more than Public Speaking!

Thanks to Francesco Fedele I knew Toastmasters, but at the very beginning I thought to Toastmasters as a really good opportunity to improve my “voice”, my presence mainly for a working environment. Now after nearly three years I have realized that it was my leadership skill that has gained most. Participating in the Executive Committee changed my life. After less than one year they gave to me the opportunity to become Vice Presidente Public Relation, mainly an unknown role to me. I’ve learned a lot, but being President of a Club the year after has increased my self esteem and my internal calmness in dealing with public and private situations more than any personal expectation. Start covering that role coincided with the other milestone in my life: the awareness of becoming father for the first time! Now I can achieve any goal!! ?

Jokes apart after covering such roles the idea of being proposed as a Mentor for the newly borne Clubs in Rome seemed to me as most natural thing and the normal consequence of still being part of this huge family…


Can you tell me just one more thing – what exactly about being a president helped you gain internal calmness?


Apparently I was showing calmness even before. At least told me friends of mine. And surprisingly they told I looked like a leader. But it wasn’t so for me, being nervous about talking, thinking and acting having in mind that you have to organise and lead others. But keep on talking, opening and closing meetings and being involved in decisions gave me a sort of habit in taking such a role…



Final Published:

Carlo (Marketing, Let’s Make): Surprisingly, my friends told me I looked like a leader (even before joining Toastmasters). But it wasn’t so for me. I was nervous when I was talking, thinking and acting, having in mind that I had to organise and lead others. But while I kept on talking, opening and closing meetings and being involved in decisions, being in such role became a sort of habit for me.

Intervista per il Blog di Lukas Leibich

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